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$40/ week
  • Custom Training Program
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Form Review
  • Calorie & Macro Guidance
$75/ week
  • Custom Training Program
  • Form Review
  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Calorie & Macro Breakdown
  • Guide to Eating Out
  • Weekly Check-In
$50/ week
  • Personalised Meal Plan
  • Calorie & Macro Breakdown
  • Guide to Eating Out
  • Weekly Check-In
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Hear it from my clients

Jordan is an insane coach, having had other coaches prior to Jordan, making the switch was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my physical and mental health. Jordan has been a holistic solution to my needs, covering everything from diet to lifestyle changes, I’m ever grateful for the life and body I’ve built thanks to Jordan!

Swarnith F24 years old

Using Jordan's training and nutrition plans has helped me see massive changes in my life both physically and in mindset. He's quick to respond, and answers all my questions!

Noor G27 years old

Been training with Jordan for about 6 months or so now and have seen major improvements in the way I train and the overall development of my body. Coming from a sports background I suffered many injuries and long term complications from those injuries that have been a difficult hurdle to overcome, thanks to Jordan's knowledge and his dedication to his clients goals and improvements I am now able to perform exercises that were not physically possible due to my injuries.

Zach P28 years old

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Stacey W30 years old

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Frequently asked questions

Do You Offer Online & In Person Training?

Yes,we do offer both online and in person get in contact with us to schedule a call or text to figure out what’s best for you!

Do You Do Once Off Plans?

Yes, we have once off programs available.

How Long From Purchase Until I Get My Plans?

Your first plans will be available within 2 business days of signing up and filling out any further paperwork.

Do I Have To Exercise To Lose Weight?

Exercise isn’t a necessity to lose weight, if you’re not convinced get in contact so we can talk about it more!

What Is The Minimum Commitment For The Plans?

Our ongoing plans are a minimum of 5 weeks, this is so we can guarantee you reaching your fitness goals.

How Do I Cancel My Plan?

If you wish to cancel submit a form in the ‘contact us’ section.